Terms & Conditions

Working with new people can be a risky and at times frustrating experience.

To help things run as smoothly as possible, I’ve created these terms and conditions so that I [the-copywriter] and you [the client] know where we stand throughout our working relationship.

Getting started

When a job is first discussed the-copywriter will provide the client with a quote for completing the work within an agreed timescale. The quote will be based on the-copywriter’s day rate of £300 and is valid for 30 days.

The-copywriter requires a purchase order number or confirmation of the client’s order in writing before a project can begin. If the client then changes their mind on what they want or the task takes much longer than initially thought, the-copywriter will contact the client to renegotiate the price.


Any costs incurred by the-copywriter in pursuance of the client’s goals will be charged to the client. These may include travel, accommodation and refreshments.


If the total fee exceeds £1,000 or the client is based outside the UK, the-copywriter will invoice the client for 50% of the total project cost before starting work. The final 50% will be invoiced when the work is complete.


If the client cancels the project after the-copywriter has begun working on it, the-copywriter will invoice for the fees due up to that point and any costs incurred during that time.

The work

Unless otherwise specified the-copywriter’s estimated fee includes one meeting or start-up phone conversation and one round of revision. Any additional work including meetings, interviews or meetings will be charged according to the-copywriter’s hourly rate of £35.


If no deposit is required the-copywriter will invoice the client once the work has been completed. Payment for each project is due 30 days from the invoice date.


The client owns the-copywriter’s work once they have paid any outstanding invoices in full. However, the-copywriter reserves the right to use samples of work for his own promotional purposes.

Late payments

The client is liable to pay interest to the-copywriter at the rate of 3% per year in excess of the base rate set by the National Westminster Bank PLC for each day that the invoice is outstanding over the agreed 30 working days.

No warranty

The-copywriter will not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the client or any other party arising out of the provision of these services.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the-copywriter these terms and conditions shall prevail or supersede over any other terms of business put forward by the client.