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Meaningful data white paper goes live

There's a lot of hype around Big Data at the moment. However, a company I've been working with in London believes Meaningful Data is much more important for the business intelligence of most companies. You can read all about it here.

Ministry posters: sound

I've finally managed to get my hands on the finished artwork from the Ministry of Sound project I worked on a few months back in conjunction with Studio Output. I came up with the idea of using dance music song titles, suggested an avalanche of suitable options and the Output boys did the rest. The posters are being/have been used in and around the London Underground. What do you think?    

Charlie Webster talk tickets on sale

Tickets are now on sale for my talk with Charlie Webster at the University of Sheffield on Tuesday November 13th. The event - the third Flash talk I have organised and hosted - will take place at the Octagon Centre. Everyone is welcome and further details can be found here:

What is copywriting?

I don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs. I don’t even like eggs. But for the benefit of those who stare glassily in the pub when I state my job title, I thought it might be worth noting down what copywriting actually is. Let’s start with what it isn’t. Copywriting is nothing to do with copyrighting. I cannot prevent your work from being stolen by others so if intellectual property theft is your bag, you may want to redirect your browser. What I can help with is communication. Copywriting is essentially the art of taking what someone wants to say ...

And you will know us by the trail of dead matches

The hot weather has returned and with it, the beginning of my bi-annual humiliation at the barbecue. We usually try a spot of alfresco cooking once at either end of the summer – the second time just far enough away from the first to forget how bad it was. I’ve nothing against the food itself. I love meat and skewered vegetables cooked over hot coals as much as the next man. The problem is, I’m one of the un-men who is fundamentally great at making piles of dead matches and useless at making fires that burn. It hasn’t always been this way. As a ...

Fergie, me and the mother of all interviews

I can’t seem to shake off Sir Alex Ferguson. He was on the same plane as me when I flew out to Cyprus a few years ago, a fact I didn’t realise until a camera crew appeared to catch his McCartney-esque thumbs-up descent from the steps to the tarmac. Then the other week I got a call from top advertising agency Mother. They were doing some research on behalf of a global client and wanted to interview me about the content of my book, Prawns in the game: how football got where it is today. They’d mentioned that the interview would be ...

10 reasons to hire a copywriter

Words will get you everywhere. Well-written content can have you storming up the Google rankings and fending off potential customers before you can say, ‘my – this phone is hot.’ However, whilst many companies are happy to spend big beans on web design, build and brochure print, they suddenly develop short arms and long pockets when it comes to employing a writer. Here’s 10 reasons why this is a fatally blinkered strategy… 1. A good copywriter can help you sell your products, services or ideas. They do it by creating content that people actually want to read. If people are engaged they are ...

Flash Death success

My latest Flash talk at the University of Sheffield sold out despite moving to a bigger venue. Over 100 people came to see The Death of the News of the World at the Foundry on March 8th. Big thanks to former NOTW head of features Jules Stenson, who shed some real light on the tabloid culture that gave birth to the phone hacking scandal. After an interesting talk, Jules took a range of questions from myself and the audience covering topics including the Rupert Murdoch empire, the Leveson Inquiry and the future of journalism. Thanks to everyone who came and sorry again for asking ...

Flash talk with Jules Stenson

I’m hosting another Flash talk at the University of Sheffield on March 8th. Following the hugely successful visit of Steve Edge in December, I’m pleased to reveal that the guest speaker this time is former head of features at the News of the World Jules Stenson. Jules worked at the paper for 15 years and was responsible for breaking stories on the split of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, the drugs shame of the Olympic swimming hero Michael Phelps and the bombshell revelations that lost John Terry the England captaincy the first time. Now the University of Sheffield graduate is ready to ...