10 reasons to hire a copywriter

Words will get you everywhere. Well-written content can have you storming up the Google rankings and fending off potential customers before you can say, ‘my – this phone is hot.’

However, whilst many companies are happy to spend big beans on web design, build and brochure print, they suddenly develop short arms and long pockets when it comes to employing a writer.

Here’s 10 reasons why this is a fatally blinkered strategy…

1. A good copywriter can help you sell your products, services or ideas. They do it by creating content that people actually want to read. If people are engaged they are more likely to buy. Rocket science it aint.

2. A good copywriter can help you with SEO. They can sprinkle your copy with keywords if it makes you happy but mainly they can write good content that will impress the search engines, especially if other people start linking to it or talking about it on social media.

3. A good copywriter can rescue you from death by jargon. You may think it’s fine to talk about ROIs, KPIs and thought showers but your customers probably won’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

4. A good copywriter can make sure your website or brochure isn’t all style over substance. If you’re just working with a graphic design or creative studio, there’s a healthy chance they’ll convince you that words are an irrelevance dreamed up by the devil. On a bad day.

5. A good copywriter can save you time and possibly money. You might be a smart person. Maybe you once wrote stories for your grandparents that they told you they were great. But you won’t be able to get back the hours you’ll spend trying to figure out how to write professionally. And if you add up the cost of the time you’ve spent, it will probably work out cheaper to have hired a copywriter.

6. A good copywriter can help you make friends and influence people. You could be the offspring of the sharpest tool in the shed and the brightest button in the box but it won’t count for squat if you write like a monkey. If you want your ground breaking report on Outer Mongolian economics to make the splash it deserves, hire in some help.

7. A good copywriter can help you stand out from the crowd. The average punter is subjected to 2,000 marketing messages a day, which isn’t a good look if you want them to hear what you’re saying. Shouting probably won’t help. A copywriter might.

8. A good copywriter can give you a fresh perspective. It’s easy to develop tunnel vision when you’re working inside a project. A good copywriter won’t just help you see the wood for the trees, they’ll take you into an enchanted forest of possibility and only charge basic travel expenses.

9. A good copywriter can talk to anyone. You might not like your CEO or some of the colourful characters who’ve benefitted from your company’s product or service. But that doesn’t mean their stories, quotes and endorsements won’t make you sound like a great company to work with. Rather than grimacing your way through a meeting or interview with someone you’d much rather punch in the eye, why not hand the pleasure over to someone else?

10. A good copywriter is probably not Dave from HR. He might be a decent cove. He may even have got his English GCSE. But does he know how to write for the web? More to the point, would you let Cindy from junior management do your accounts because she was once in the top set at Maths?